All you need to know about ICO fundraising

ICO Fundraising

Efforts have been made to bring the highly speculative and unregulated world of initial coin offering under control, subpoenas have been started to be issued by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). In the previous investigations, the targeted audience were the advisers involved in the cryptocurrency industry and the technology companies. Reports show that the probe was intensifying the underlying need for the regulators to rein in this industry. The main concern here is not all about crypto trading but simply the unregulated world of ICOs together with the means they use to raise funds for their concepts and projects.

Cryptocurrency investment

It is a hard task for blockchain enthusiast to convince someone that investing in any cryptocurrency is such a good idea. Usually, once the project succeeds, more users are attracted thereby increasing demands and this is a sign of price of token rising.

The experienced visionaries usually have a double agenda. This is supporting any ICO while they are also investing. They usually understand the problems that are experienced by start-ups in the blockchain industry.

How to attract Retail ICO investors

In any tokenized project, the retail ICO investors become the most important target group. Coins will only keep its value if only there is a decent mass support. For you to attract investors in this industry, you should first be ready to meet their needs. Here are the requirements to help one attract a strong ICO community for ICO fundraising;

  1. You should have a whitepaper that has been keenly reviewed by the investors.
  2. Ensure you get all your smart contracts audited and the results published publicly.
  3. Ensure you have a strong ICO advisory board that is purposely there because of your project and not just money.
  4. Your founders should be listed on your ICO page.
  5. Let your founders always be at the front of cameras explaining to a mass their vision for the project you have given them.
  6. You should get your advisory board in a video who explains deeply on the reason they support your project.
  7. Have your reviews on different platforms.
  8. Make use of social media marketing idea through those people who are influential.

A way to attract crypto funds

Different crypto funds exist while some are real and others are with only hope and words. Therefore, approaching people who have inside contacts is the best way to consider. Aim at selling the project to a mutual contact first and doors will open wide to your main target investing group once the mutual contact is sold.


Step by step ICO fundraising guide

  1. Idea stage

In this stage, you should clearly identify your main objectives, come up with a business plan, think of developing a website and then work on smart contracts. Here is also the level at which you try to join different blockchain events so that you will build yourself a network.

  1. Private sale

Experts can agree that not every project will go through a private sale but then if done in the best way possible, it can help you raise funds and make a strong partnership too. You should ensure to sign in key advisors to your project who have a successful ICO fundraising experience from their previous works before you start your private sale. These are the people you will utilize their contacts and experience. If need, you can offer them a commission.

  1. Pre-sale stage

People should totally avoid having a pre-sale period that can go longer than three weeks. Past this time, you will see people getting relaxed and in turn, you will end up with low results that are generated. Consider a pre-sale period of between one or two weeks since this is the period this stage will tend to sell out. Also at this stage, you should ensure you are present in at least three to four events of the blockchain.

  1. Main-sale stage

This stage should also not be longer than three weeks or so. By the beginning of your main-sale stage is where you should have agreements with exchanges. In the last ten days of your ICO is when you should announce the exchange listing.



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