Coinexis – Now Everyone Can Crypto

Now Everyone Can Crypto

What is Coinexis?

Coinexis allows consumers to convert their coins into valuable cryptocurrency.

A jar of coins will move from having no value, into an asset that not only has a value, but one that can increase over time.

Every country in the world has the same issue of coins disappearing out of circulation resulting in huge costs to the governments who have to re-mint the coins to place back into circulation.

In our first year we will launch 1,000 machines across 10 countries, these countries have $73 billion of coins in circulation.

We expect the average machine placed in malls will convert $1200 worth of coins every day – that is $36m worth of COX coins purchased every month through our 1,000 machines once launched.

Coinexis Kiosk

Our machines are built to intelligently identify any coin inserted in a fraction of a second. Allowing machines to be placed anywhere in the world and start accepting local currency.

Once the local currency has been accepted and consumer security identified, the transaction of COX coins to the consumer’s wallet is validated on the blockchain.