Creating A Successful ICO Strategy

Kryptoia is an international consulting agency built around ICO services, with the idea of providing long-term support for a startup or an existing company. In the sphere of ICOs, you have to care about publicity first and foremost. You want your new project to be noticed, funded and developed.

However, this field also requires wide breadth of knowledge on modern technology and expert understanding of key ideas and goals behind the client company, and this is where Kryptoia comes in, with its diverse and well-rounded team of experts.

In a sense, ICO consulting shares a lot with publicity work, but that’s not all there is to it. Kryptoia is, once again, a prime example of a good ICO advisory firm. The key to a successful ICO campaign is not only publicity, but also an ability to utilize the gathered funds to the best of your ability. This may require more work than it sounds like.

For that reason the businesses may sometimes need to be restructured or reorganized, a service that Kryptoia offers as well. The process is guided all the way through, in as timely a manner as possible. While “Business Reorganization” may sound intimidating, the process is designed to be as quick and easy as possible.

How Does Kryptoia Deliver? Provided guidelines stay the same throughout the narrative of the company, focusing on success using a wide variety of tools for marketing and branding. The great thing about them is that some of these tools would not look out of place for a publicity agency.   The potential work of the company stretches far beyond the initial ICO stage, even if that step is arguably the most important one, as this is when your company receives the funding it needs.

The following stages include helping the company use the funding to the best of their ability, re-distributing the flow of resources and money and, finally, managing PR, Marketing and Narrative of the company. Each step could be a subject of its own separate department and employing specialists in each field. But as we already have an active and working example on our hands let’s, look at how Kryptoia does it.

During the initial stage, the company provides consulting and ICO fundraising services that increase the future funding received from the cryptosphere. This is done in a variety of ways, from simply running a much better PR campaign in the company’s stead, to providing more extensive services by creating an appealing and detailed narrative. This narrative will make it plain and obvious as to what exactly the company can be expected to do, how it will do it and when the crypto donators can receive their benefits.

Help All Along The Way  

Each stage is equally important, and while the brunt of work often comes on the initial, fundraising, stage, the later stages can be just as detailed and overbearing. According to the Kryptoia service page, the proper administration of the funding received, avoiding the loss of any crypto-tokens, managing the community and more are some of their core responsibilities.

Each of the stages requires just as much understanding of the core subject of business as the initial fundraising, if not more. Effective management of the ICO community is key when it comes to drawing in extended funding.

Importance Of Assistance 

So, by using a single company as an example, we have established that the amount of multi-discipline skills required to properly run an ICO marketing campaign stretches beyond the scope of a simple startup, or even an established business. The variety of details, the amount of niche interests overlapping and the constantly flowing and changing nature of the cryptocurrency market require a specialized group to handle it.

As the technology advances and changes, so will the means of earning money and the means of managing a business. In only the last couple of years, the means of fundraising, management and running an establishment have changed greatly. As such, the need for companies like Kryptoia, which make it their goal to keep themselves up-to-date on advancements and changes that arise. The tendencies are unlikely to change any time soon, with even the large corporations supporting entire agencies within their ranks to keep up. Luckily for independent, small startups that cannot afford that, companies like Kryptoia exist.

The variety of skills and knowledge required make it a daunting task for any independent startup to properly tackle the ICO market, but thankfully, there are enough companies to rise to the occasion and offer assistance.  If you would like to find out more about Kryptoia ICO strategy or any other related blockchain information, visit their official site at


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