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If you take your time and review the past token sales or ICOs then you will realize two essential things. That is some of the ICOs were really successful and were able to be sold out within a short period, while other ICOs were just a scam or failure.

Thus it makes you question what really makes a successful ICO?

There are various ingredients that are needed for you to be able to run a successful ICO. Some of the things involved include having a product that works, having a team skilled in different areas including developers and of course, ICO branding and marketing.

ICO Branding

According to my own experience and belief, ICO branding or marketing is one of the most important ingredient for an ICO to be successful. The reason is quite simple in that you may have a solid product and a great team but nobody will be able to know about your product until you inform them. And informing means that the public or potential investors are able to understand exactly what your product is about.

Most of the teams behind various ICOs are pretty bad at marketing. In fact, in some instances, the CEO may not even be able to explain the whole vision in a way that is simple and understandable.

Importance of ICO Branding

Just as the innovation and the technology behind the product are important, equally ICO branding and marketing is really important. Some ICOs have had a solid technology but failed miserably in creating a brand identity. Perception is as much important as the solution you are offering.

Various Elements of ICO Branding

As I had mentioned previously, how you represent your product to the crypto enthusiasts and potential investors will determine greatly if your ICO project is a success or failure. Potential investors often first consider how the product is represented before delving deeper into the particular technology behind the product. Consequently, here are the various elements of ICO branding.

  1. Logo and colors

I agree that the use of logos and colors or even a name does not constitute the only part of an ICO branding. They are part of the branding strategy. A brand to the outside world is what anybody thinks and feels about your particular ICO project.

Logos, colors, and name will help in your project having an identity of its own. Often the logos, name, and colors appear in exchanges, published in papers, journals, articles and press briefings. Because of the importance of your product name, logo and colors, it is important that you choose wisely the design. The name, color, and logo should be associated with your product and technology and they should be impressive.


If people are searching for the information in regards to your token online then you should have a website that is wisely designed. It is from the website that they will be able to get the information that they need and it is important that you impress the people. Prove to them that your product is the real deal.

All the various information that will most likely be needed should be accessible through the website. The information availed should include the token distribution plan, experts on board, press links, development roadmap, videos, the white paper, team members details, venture firm, and investors.


This is an in-depth, authoritative, and credible report on the exact details of your ICO. Here you are allowed to get technical with your explanations and a whitepaper basically is a business proposal to potential investors. It is important that you choose the right format of presenting that detailed information and include your relevant ideas, backstory and plenty of diagrammatic representations.

Social Media

There are various social media platforms that can help you in promoting your ICO branding. It is important that you use as many social media platforms as possible including Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and Medium.

Important events

The product has to be introduced by the people behind it in various events that are important, interviews, seminars, Q&A sessions, webinars, and conferences. You must make sure that the product is able to catch the attention of the people.

As you have seen, having a successful ICO branding is not that easy. It needs a team that is experienced and qualified to be able to oversee the process. The good news is that you do not have to go through all the stresses associated with ICO branding, you can simply employ Kryptoia.

In conclusion, the company is a leader in ICO advisory and consultancy and it is based in Singapore. The team of Kryptoia is constituted of people from all around the world, and experts a blockchain engineers, crypto-economists, ICO consultants, blockchain programmers, and influencers. By employing this team of experienced experts, costly mistakes will be eliminated in your ICO branding and you will be helped in the formulation of a marketing strategy that works.



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