Developing Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Businesses

The ICO investment sector has been growing rapidly over the years and is one of the promising avenues for block-chain based projects and start-ups to get the funding required to launch their investment plans. With an ICO, investors find some means of getting around the difficult and time-consuming processes such as pitching to banks and venture capitalists for financing. It’s more of a financing democratization where everyone invests what they are comfortable with. Many successful investors understand that life itself is a risk, and taking one in the ICO and cryptocurrency market could be worth the investment in the long run.

The high level of financial risk involved in the cryptocurrency market has been attracting several investors who have a deep understanding of the risk dynamics involved in every economic and financial sector. The potential for huge profits is substantial and the hype is just but growing.

Bitcoin is probably an impeccable testimonial of the exemplary power of ICO that’s pushing everyone to invest in the next crypto hit. The speculation of huge payoffs is often validated despite the lacking proof of concept and with nothing but a conceptual whitepaper taken as a guarantee.

Despite the speculative risks and dead-end predictions for the cryptocurrencies; many ICO advisors seem to be the only ones who really understand what the blockchain technology holds for the human race. That said, the future of cryptocurrencies is well defined and it’s destined to last longer than we can imagine.

The celebrated crypto investor Tim Draper speculates that the prices of certain crypto such as Bitcoin and EOS are set to hit again citing what other investors like David Hanson, a block-chain expert argued, that big institution will enter the crypto space in a bid to gain that first-mover advantage and this will further legitimize the market. Tim Draper speculates that the price of Bitcoin could hit as high as $100,000 by 2022 and this could make ways for the other Cryptos to enjoy a percentage of the vast market share.

Importance of ICO consultancy

One of the least expectations for an ICO investor is to fall into the traps of ICO scammers and some high-level pyramid scheme engineers. Cases of ICO founders disappearing and some going on vacations with investors’ money has been hitting the headlines over the years. To avoid such incidents, it’s vital to seek professional consultations and guidance on how to pick the right ICO to suit your needs.

A competent ICO consultancy firm understands the nitty-gritty of an ICO team that really means business. The team section on the ICO’s website and even a thorough background check on its founders and advisory team could easily tell what’s good for business and what’s not. That said, looking for that killer web design or professional layout and graphics may not guarantee the real results.

The deal here is to get in touch with the professionals who have experience in Cryptocurrency market analysis and who can clearly smell some traces of scam as far as ICO investment is concern. A distinct sign of any legitimate ICO can be reflected in the featured token. Some clear explanations of the ICO purpose, its base price, the hard cap and the percentage to be held by the team should be well defined to make things more transparent. Here, is a sample of the services you can expect from an ICO consultancy firm.

A basic understanding of the ICO may not be enough to get you through the entire investment process, hence it’s important to be fully aware of the downsides and upsides of the market. A keen research on the project you’re planning to invest in may go a long way in keeping you on track and making sure everything is done accordingly. The whitepaper could be a vital necessity but shouldn’t impede you from seeing the bigger picture; an in-depth explanation of each and every key aspect of the ICO. More often, a legitimate whitepaper will use quality graphics to expound more on the complex concepts as well as using clever bullet lists.

Some of the key players in the ICO consultancy industry have gone a step further into bringing some investors together and guiding them through the initial coin offering procedures and even establishing inroads to the block-chain investment world. Kryptoia is one of the ICO consultancy firms that has stood the test of time and weight of scrutiny in the market. The company offers a variety of ICO services from fundraising & investment, product strategy to marketing & communication.





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